Words of Yogi Vemana…

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We were recently re-collecting the poems written by Yogi Vemana that we learnt in our childhood & this one came up.  He talks about the cleanliness of vessels in this poem & I thought it is worth a mention here…

Atmashuddi Leni Acharamadi Ela
Bhandashuddi Leni Pakamadi Ela
Chittashuddi Leni Shivapujalelara
Vishwadhabhiraama Vinura Vema

It means…
There is no use following cultures or customs without inner purity.
There is no use of cooking food without having the vessels tidy.
There is no use of worshipping Lord Shiva without interest or concentration.
Oh Vema, listen my words.

It is important to clean your vessels thoroughly.  Food cooked in clean vessels doesn’t get spoiled soon & is also healthy to eat.  Not just vessels but the cleanliness of entire kitchen is important.

As they say… Health is wealth!!
Cook tidy
Eat healthy
Stay wealthy

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Hurricane Sandy – Live

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Snapshot from NY Times link posted below

A very huge storm is about to hit East Cost of the U.S.A.  It looks to have been forming since a week and this Hurricane Sandy may hit New York badly.  Most parts of the city has been shutdown & evacuated.  Even the trading, NYSE is halted may be for the first time after 9/11 attack.

Want to witness Sandy Live?  Well, talk to a travel agent & fly to New York.  But seriously, following these links you can track it almost live from your couch.

Google as part of its google.org has made available a criss map tracking Hurricane Sandy.  Here’s the link to it http://google.org/crisismap/2012-sandy.  You can also see New York city specific map here.  http://google.org/crisismap/2012-sandy-nyc

You can also get a glimpse of Times Square, New York city live from earthcam.  Here’s the link to it http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/

Even the New York times looks to have turned a camera of it’s building towards the sky and is taking pictures of the sky every one minute.  When I saw a pic about 6 hours back the sky was a little clear & slowly the sky is filled with dark clouds now. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/10/28/nyregion/nyt-webcam.html?smid=fb-nytimes

Another link to track hurricane live is here…


Experience Hurricane Sandy live & comment how you feel.

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Tomato Rice

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Here is the Tomato Rice recipe which is also called Tomato Bath at some places.

Tomato Rice Ingredients


Basmati rice – ½ kg

Tomatoes – ½ kg

Mint leaves – 2 cups

Coriander – ½ cup

Green chilies – 6 nos

Curry leaves – ¼ cup

Kabuli Chana / Battani – ½ cup

Salt – 1 ½ tsp

Ginger garlic paste – 1tsp

Cloves – 3

Cardamoms – 3

Shahi Jeera – ½ tsp

Dalchini – 2 one inch barks


Take care while choosing chilies.  If they are very dark green you may want to add a chilly or two less since they will be really hot.  Similarly, if you are using hybrid tomatoes then you may want to add two more as they will not be as tangy as the desi/normal ones.


  • Wash and soak Kabuli Chana overnight
  • Wash basmati rice and soak it in water for 30 min
  • Chop Tomatoes into small pieces
  • Finely chop mint and Coriander leaves
  • Powder all spices (Cloves, Cardomoms, Shahi Jeera and Dalchini barks)
  • Cut Chillies into halves & slit vertically

    Tomato Rice

    Tomato Rice Served with Raita

Cooking Process:

  • Heat Handi on a medium flame and add 1 ½ tbsp spoon cooking oil and ½ tbsp spoon of ghee to it.
  • Add Jeera, Mustard seeds, Chillies (vertically chopped), Curry leaves, mint leaves, kabuli Chana, powdered spices, ginger garlic paste gradually one after the other in that order & sauté it for 2 minutes.
  • Now add the chopped tomatoes and sauté it for another 2 minutes.
  • Add 750ml of water and salt to it.  Set the flame high.
  • Once water starts boiling, lower the flame to medium level.
  • Drain water from rice & and add it to the boiling water.
  • Let it cook & keep stirring it intermittently till the water is almost over.
  • Now stop stirring since when the water is almost over stirring can break the rice into pieces.  Also turn the flame to simmer since medium/high flame now can burn the rice at the bottom due to lack of water.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes & take it off the stove.
  • Now garnish this tomato rice with Coriander and serve hot with Raita.

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List of ingredients

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Here is the list of ingredients in various languages that I know.  Will keep updating it as I learn.  I am going to write only the commonly used names in a language not pure / exact words of a language.  For example, spices is called masalalu in daily used Telugu which in fact is a Hindi (masale) term.

English Telugu Hindi Kannada
Grains / Dhaanyalu / Anaaj / Dhaanyagalu
Rice Biyyamu Chawal Akki
Wheat Godumalu Gehun Godi
Groundnut Veru senegalu Phalli Kadllu
Almond Badam Badam Badami
Cashew Kaaju Khaju Godambi
Peas Battani Battani Battani
Spices / Masalalu / Masale / Masalegalu
Salt Uppu Namak Uppu
Pepper Miriyalu Kaali Mirch Menasu
Turmeric Pasupu Haldi Arisina
Coriander seeds Dhaniyalu Dhaniya Dhaniya
Vegetables / Kuragayalu / Sabziyan / Tarkarigalu
Green chillies Pachhi mirapakayalu Hari mirch Hasiru minsinakayi
Potato Aalugadda Aloo Aalugadde
Carrot Carrot Gaajar Carrot
French beans Beernisu Hurlikayi
Mint Pudina Pudina Pudine
Coriander leaves Kothimeera Dhaniya patha Kothombari soppu
Curry leaves Karivepaku Kadi Patha Karibevina soppu

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Batukamma festival dishes

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Batukamma – Batuku means Life/Live and Amma means Mother/Goddess.

This festival is celebrated in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh state during the navaratri of Dusherra.  It is a nine day festival starts on Amamvasya (New Moon day) and concludes a day before Dusherra with the final day called Saddula Batukamma or Pedda Batukamma.  Saddulu means Puliyogare and Pedda means Big/Final.  On this day a variety of Puliyogares are made & distributed.  A special sweet called Maleeda / Maleeza is also made this day.

A variety of flowers are arranged in a conical form on plate & it is worshiped as Goddess Batukamma.  Flowers include Tangedu, Uppu, Gunugu, Banti for sure and other flowers too.  This festival is celebrated by women, majorly by unmarried young girls.  They pray Goddess to get husbands as per their wishes.  Girls sing & dance clapping around the floral decoration.  Later they take Batukamma to a lake nearby and set it afloat.

For more details on the this festival follow links below…



This year i.e, in 2012 Batukamma festival started on 15th Oct 2012 and concluded on 23rd Oct 2012 i.e, yesterday.  On this day we celebrated Saddula batukamma and here is the list of all the Puliyogares and Maleeda / Maleeza we made.

Batukamma dishesMaleeda / Maleeza
Kobbari Pulihora
Gasala Pulihora
Nuvvula Pulihora
Perugu Pulihora
Nimmakayi Pulihora
Pulusu Pulihora
Putnala Pulihora

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