Donkey’s Milk !!!

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Donkey’s Milk or Ass Milk!!  Ever wondered what does one do with that?

I only remember my mother saying that she used to feed me Donkey’s Milk during winter & rainy seasons and it was costly.  This was around 25 years back & it used to cost 2 Rs for a tablespoon of milk.  It is believed that it boosts immune system in new borns & due to the heat it generates in our body helps cure severe cold and this is the reason why I was fed Donkey’s milk so often in winters.

But why I am writing this up is because I was amazed to see it being sold even today & people still believe it.  I just woke up today & went into balcony with a cup of milk (not donkey’s 😉 ) and was surprised to see a woman milking the Donkey.  I am living in the center of one of the metro cities of India.  If it is still practiced here then what about the outskirts of the city or even in villages?  I quickly googled about it and found that it is still in demand in Chennai and the world’s costliest cheese is made from Donkey’s milk.  Even Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt used to take bath with Donkey’s milk for cosmetic benefits.  Amazing, isn’t it!!

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Donkey's Milk !!!, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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