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Batukamma festival dishes

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Batukamma – Batuku means Life/Live and Amma means Mother/Goddess.

This festival is celebrated in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh state during the navaratri of Dusherra.  It is a nine day festival starts on Amamvasya (New Moon day) and concludes a day before Dusherra with the final day called Saddula Batukamma or Pedda Batukamma.  Saddulu means Puliyogare and Pedda means Big/Final.  On this day a variety of Puliyogares are made & distributed.  A special sweet called Maleeda / Maleeza is also made this day.

A variety of flowers are arranged in a conical form on plate & it is worshiped as Goddess Batukamma.  Flowers include Tangedu, Uppu, Gunugu, Banti for sure and other flowers too.  This festival is celebrated by women, majorly by unmarried young girls.  They pray Goddess to get husbands as per their wishes.  Girls sing & dance clapping around the floral decoration.  Later they take Batukamma to a lake nearby and set it afloat.

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This year i.e, in 2012 Batukamma festival started on 15th Oct 2012 and concluded on 23rd Oct 2012 i.e, yesterday.  On this day we celebrated Saddula batukamma and here is the list of all the Puliyogares and Maleeda / Maleeza we made.

Batukamma dishesMaleeda / Maleeza
Kobbari Pulihora
Gasala Pulihora
Nuvvula Pulihora
Perugu Pulihora
Nimmakayi Pulihora
Pulusu Pulihora
Putnala Pulihora

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