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Jantikalu Ingredients
Soak rice for 6 to 7 hours.
Drain the water & spread the rice on a cloth.
Let it dry under the shade/fan.  NOT under the sun.
Once it is dried & all the moisture is gone, get them ground in a flour mill.
Measure the flour & take aside two times of water.
Bring the water to boil.
Now add salt, sesame and flour to the boiling water while constantly stirring it.
Till it is cooked, keep stirring intermittently to avoid it from burning at the bottom.
On a cloth or a plastic sheet, press out the shapes using a murukku maker with a one holed disc.
Jantikalu Pressed
Let it dry under the sun for a couple of days & peel them off.
Stock it & deep fry in oil for a crispy snack!!
Jantikalu Stocked

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Fryums… @Homemade

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Traditionally, fryums are made during summers in large quantities that can last throughout the year.  During summer holidays, Indian moms make these and dry them under the Sun.  Kids sit in a nearby shade guarding & driving off the birds while playing indoor games like Carrom board, Chess, Brainvita (Peg solitaire), Book Cricket and some Indian traditional games using boards, white marble stones or Kankar, seeds, markers, cowry shells etc…

Kachi Kayalu, a 5 Stone game – a form of Knucklebones
Meka Puli
Ashta Chamma using markers & cowry shells
Mudu Ralla Aata (Tic-tac-toe)
Pachisu using markers & cowry shells
Vaikuntapali (Snake & Ladder)
Vanaguntalu, a game played using tamarind seeds & a wooden board that has 14 holes

Coming back to fryums, they are broadly categorized into 4 types – Vadiyalu, Appadalu, Jantikalu and Chips.  Here is a list of various fryums with a link to the recipes.  The ones we get in markets are no match to these homemade fryums.  Once you make & taste these, you can never eat the ones available from stores.  There is a whale of difference, spend just one peek summer weekend and believe me, you can’t thank yourself enough!!


Vadiyalu: These are thicker than Appadalu and are like thin patties.
Berki Vadiyalu
Bobberla Vadiyalu (Cowpeas)
Nukala Vadiyalu (Broken Rice)
Pesarla Vadiyalu (Mung Bean)
Tomato Vadiyalu (Broken Rice, Tomato)

Appadalu: These are thin and are like delicate films.
Ambali Appadalu (Rice)
Biyyapu (Aviri) Appadalu (Rice)
Minapa Appadalu (Black Gram)
Minapa Masala Appadalu (Black Gram, Black Pepper)
Rava Appadalu (Suji or Semolina)
Sabudana Appadalu (Pearl Sago)

Jantikalu: These are fat and are made using moulds.
Biyyapu Jantikalu (Rice)
Gulabi Puvvulu (Rice)

Alugadda Chips (Potato)
Aratikaya Chips (Raw Banana)

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