Sabudana Appadalu

Sabudana Appadalu

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Pearl Sago / Sabudana – 1 cup
Water – 4 cups
Salt – to taste

Soak sabudana overnight in a cup of water.
Sabudana Appadalu Ingredients
Next morning, boil the remaining water adding the salt.
While the water boils, take a spoon & mix soaked sabudana gently to make them loose.
Add it to the boiling water and keep stirring it continuously for 5 to ten minutes.Sabudana Appadalu Cooked
When sabudana is cooked (sabudana turns transparent), switch the heat off.
While it is hot, using a tablespoon pour this mix on a plastic sheet.
Sabudana Appadalu Drying
Let it dry under the sun for two days.  Now peel them from the sheet and if needed, dry them for a day or more.
They are ready to be deep fried in oil & can be a good snack.
Sabudana Appadalu Dried

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