Mandakki Sushila

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Mandakki Sushila
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Mandakki Sushila is a receipe from Karnataka which is called Maramarala Upma or Uggani in Telugu.


(Telugu / Hindi / Kannada / English)

Maramaralu / Murmure / Mandakki / Puffed Rice / – 0.5 Kg

Putnala pappu / Buna Channa / Roasted Gram / Hurigadale – 0.5 Cup

Ulligaddalu / Pyaaz / Onion / Irulli- 2

Karivepaku / Kari patte / Curry leaves / Karibevina soppu

Nune / Tel / Oil / Taila – 3 tbsp

Jilakara / Jeera / Cumin / Jirige – 0.5 tsp

Avalu / Rai(Sarson) / Mustard / Sasive – 0.5 tsp

Uppu / Namak / Salt / Uppu- 1.5 tsp

Mirchi Powder – 1.5 tsp

Pasupu / Haldi / Turmeric / Arisina – a pinch

Kothimeera / Kothimeer / Coriander leaves / Kottumbari


Note: Puffed rice tends to reduce in volume once soaked and it usually reduces to half of its volume.  So, 0.5 kg of puffed rice seems huge but you don’t need a huge container for this.

Soak puffed rice In a large container for about 12 to 15 minutes.  Since they tend to float on water use more water and also keep immersing them into water intermittently.  Meanwhile, grind roasted gram into powder and chop onions and coriander.

Place a heavy bottomed kadai on stove and add oil.  Allow it to heat up a little, then add cumin & mustard seeds, chopped onions and curry leaves to it.  Sauté it for two minutes and then add puffed rice, salt, mirchi powder and turmeric… mix it well.  Now close the lid and keep mixing it every couple of minutes till they are heated.  Then add the powder, chopped coriander and mix well.  Wait for two minutes and switch the stove off.  It is now ready to savour!!

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