Korivi Karam

Korivi Karam

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Korivi Karam is also called Pandu Mirapapandla Pachadi.  It can be translated to English as Red Chili Pickle.   The dark red color and hot/spicy flavor of the pickle marks its speciality.

Korivi Karam IngredientsRed Chilies (Not dried ones) – 1 kg
Tamarind – 150 gm
Salt – 200 gm
Mustard Powder – 50 gm
Fenugreek Seeds Powder – 1 tbsp
Turmeric – ½ tbsp
Mustard Seeds – ½ tbsp
Cumin Seeds – ½ tbsp
Oil – 200 gm

Korivi Karam MakingWash chilies & and keep them aside for the water to be drained.  Take a cloth & rub off the moist if any.  Make sure there is no water/moist, else fungus is formed & spoils the pickle.  Now take the stem off and grind together red chilies, tamarind and salt into a fine paste.  Add mustard, fenugreek powders & turmeric to the paste & mix it well.Heat oil in a pan and add mustard & cumin seeds.  Allow it to crackle & then add it to the pickle.  Stock it in a neat & dry jar for around 10 days.  It is now ready to be eaten with hot rice & ghee.  You will be longing for more!!

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Korivi Karam, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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