Gulabi Puvvulu Fried

Gulabi Puvvulu

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Rice – 1 cup
Water – 5 cups
Salt – to taste
Edible colors (Optional) – a pinch

Wash & soak rice overnight with two cups of water.
Next morning, grind the above soaked rice into fine paste.  Mix the edible colors.
Gulabi Puvvulu Ingredients
Boil the remaining 3 cups of water with salt.
Pour the paste into boiling water while constantly stirring it as to avoid the lumps formation.
Keep stirring constantly till the lumps are all gone.
Once done, let it cook for another couple of minutes & switch the stove off.
Gulabi Puvvulu Mix
While it is hot, take small portions and place them on a plastic sheet/cover in a conical shape.
You can have a bowl of cold water aside to dip your fingers to avoid burning.  But the caveat is, if you are using the cold water so much these Gulabi Puvvulu cannot be stocked for longer periods.  Small insects start spoiling it after a couple of months of stocking.
Gulabi Puvvulu Dumplings
Now, let it dry under the sun for two or three days.  Stock them & deep fry in oil whenever you want something to munch!!
Gulabi Puvvulu Drying

Gulabi Puvvulu Stocked

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