Batter preparation for various Dosas and Gunta Ponganalu

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Rice – 2 ½ cups
Minapa pappu / Urad Dal / Slit Black Gram – 1 cup
Murmuralu / Pyalalu / Murmure / Puffed Rice (Optional) – ½ cup
Menthulu / Methi ke beej / Fenugreek Seeds (Optional) – ¼ tea spoon
Salt – to taste


You have to make batter the day before you want to make dosas or gunta ponganalu.  Wash and soak rice, dal, murmuralu, menthulu together/separately in sufficient water for about 3 hours.  Then grind these soaked ingredients into a fine paste.  Make sure you don’t make the batter very loose.  It should be just about flowing.  Later if you determine the batter needs to be a bit loose you can add water but don’t end up making a free flowing batter by adding too much water while grinding, it will be difficult to fix.  Pour the batter into a container that is large enough to hold 3 times the quantity of the batter and allow it to ferment overnight.  By the time you get up next morning you will see the batter filled up to the brim of the container.  Add salt to the batter according to your taste and mix it well. 


Murmuralu helps to make dosa and gunta ponganalu very soft and Menthulu helps them not to stick to the pan while cooking.  If you are using non-stick cookware you may not need to use Menthulu.  Also if you don’t want to ferment it overnight and want to make instantly you could use yeast to ferment the batter.

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Batter preparation for various Dosas and Gunta Ponganalu, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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