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A tryst with brown rice

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I am always hungry, whatever I eat gets digested in a couple of hours:-)  It was okay while in college but the IT job got me a potbelly.

Read somewhere that white rice has simple form of carbohydrates whereas brown rice has complex carbohydrates and our body has to burn extra calories to digest it and it also keeps you full for a longer time.  Also as the Internet says, it comes with all the goodies like high fiber content etc.  So decided to give it a go and a bit of googling revealed that it is kinda challenge to cook brown rice.  It either remains uncooked a bit or is burnt & sticks to the bottom of the vessel.

I am good at cooking white rice in both vessels & pressure cooker.  So unfazed by the googled facts I set on for a tryst with brown rice.  Here is how it turned out…

  • Took a part of brown rice (normal not basmathi) and wahsed it.
  • Then soaked it in two parts of water for 30-min.  Actually, was watching videos on Youtube & realised only after 30 min:-)
  • Put the vessel on stove with flame enough to cover the base till the water boils.
  • Now reduce the flame a bit and allow it to cook with the lid slightly open (for steam to escape).  Stir it once or twice in between.
  • When water is almost over, close the lid completely and put the flame on simmer.  After a couple of mins turn the flame off & leave it for 5 min.

 Brown rice

You are ready to eat now!!  It turned out good but takes more time to cook than that of white rice.  Taste was okay too, it is eatable.  I had it with Tomato Dal, Mango Pickle and Curd/Yogurt.  Probably I will start eating it often and will be cooking in pressure cooker.

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Rating: 4.0/5 (2 votes cast)
A tryst with brown rice, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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